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Tender No: 652 Tender Notice Date: 28-06-2012
Tender Notice No: TenderNoticeWorkNo.03
Tender Category: Demo,Item New,Open Tender,Open Tender Currency: All
Description: TenderNoticeWorkNo.03
Report title: TenderNoticeWorkNo.03
No. of Item: 1 Splitting Rule: No Restrictions
Tender Type: Open Tender
Division: Demo Maharashta E-Tendering Locations: Demo Portal
Officer: pdept1_au Designation: Executive Engineer
Remark: TenderNoticeWorkNo.03
Tender Notice Text Contents Tender Notice in Marathi Marathi

Sealed E-Tenders in B-1 Form for the following work invited by Executive Engineer, P.W.Division, Nashik Phone No. (0253/2583761-64, 2575324) From Registered Contractors in appropriate ( Public Works Dept. only) Class with Government of Maharashtra Note :

1.All eligible /intrested tenderes are required to be enrolled on portal https://pwd.maharashtra.e before down loading tender documents and participate in e-tendering.

2.Tenderes are requested to contact on following telephone numbers any doubts/information/ difficulty regarding on line enrollment or obtaining digital certificate Sify Technotigies Ltd. Nextender (India) Pvt Ltd. On 020-25315555/25315556 (Pune) or 022-26611117/ 26611287 (Extn 25/26) Mumbai.

3.Tenderes should submit the document related to tender online However, tenderes should submit personally the earnest money in form of FDR, tender form fee in form of DD and Affidavite in original one day before opening of the technical Bid otherwise tenderer cannot participate in e-tendering.

4.Other instructions can be seen in the tender form. All or any one of the tender may be rejected by the competent authority. 5.The Electronic tendering system for Public Works Department of Government of Maharashtra will be available on separate Sub Portal with URL as part of the Electronic Tendering System of Government of Maharashtra which is available on the Portal

Executive Engineer Public Works Division Nashik

E-Tender Sr. No. Name of Work Estimated Cost put to tender Earnest Money Cost of Tender Form Time Limit of complition of work
01 Improvements to Barhe Nanashi Golshi Ambegaon Dhondegaon to SH.26 (MDR.84) Km. 55/00 to 59/500 Tal & Dist. Nashik 84,94,390/- 84,944 5000/- Nine (09) months including mansoon
Tender Common Templates
EMD Amount In Rs: 84944
Sr No Name of item in Marathi Date Estimated Value In Rs Completion Time (Months) Select
1 Improvements to Barhe Nanashi Golshi Ambegaon Dhondegaon - 8494390 0 a
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
1 Tender Download 5000
Seq No DEMO Stage Contractor Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time Envelopes
1 Tender Preparation and Release - 28-06-2012 10:00 28-06-2012 18:00 -
2 - Tender Download 28-06-2012 18:01 02-07-2012 11:00 Commercial Envelope C1,Technical Envelope T1
3 - Bid Preparation and Finalization, Hash Submission 28-06-2012 18:01 02-07-2012 11:00 Commercial Envelope C1,Technical Envelope T1
4 Tender Closing Technical Bid - 02-07-2012 11:01 02-07-2012 17:00 Technical Envelope T1
5 Tender Closing Commercial Bid - 02-07-2012 11:01 02-07-2012 17:00 Commercial Envelope C1
6 - Decryption and Re-Encryption 02-07-2012 17:01 04-07-2012 17:00 Commercial Envelope C1,Technical Envelope T1
7 Opening of Technical Bid - 04-07-2012 17:01 05-07-2012 17:00 Technical Envelope T1
8 Opening of Commercial Bid - 04-07-2012 17:01 05-07-2012 17:00 Commercial Envelope C1
9 Tender Award - 05-07-2012 17:01 05-08-2012 17:00 Commercial Envelope C1,Technical Envelope T1